Skill or dumb luck?

Real-World Economics Review Blog

from Peter Radford


Be very wary of anyone who claims that their wealth is the result of great skill. Or even hard work. Luck had to play a part. Usually a very significant part. And dumb luck ought not be the basis upon which we build intelligent, caring, or stable societies.

Be wary, also, of arguments against popular policies that include references to envy or jealousy. Being opposed to plutocracy does not necessarily imply either. Those arguments are old and have been used to undermine the moral authority of populism since democracy first reared its ugly head and disrupted the ease with which our leaders could syphon off wealth for their own enjoyment.

The two go hand in hand.

Populists will be accused of devaluing hard work and skill, and of stirring up the evil sentiment of envy that is presumed to lie close to the surface in the…

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